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Sao Wind Down

Not too long ago I would spend my afternoons lounging at the local coffee shop catching up my bestie. Now I’m rescheduling Sunday brunch and asking if she’d like to Facetime instead.

Has this happened to anyone else? It seems like you go from having so much free time to virtually none! While I am always on the go I sometimes need to take time out of the week to recharge, restore and re-energize. Doing so helps keep me balanced, motivated and looking forward to my projects ahead!


Here’s a little more about my wind down routine for when I need a boost:

Recharge — Since I don’t make it to the spa every weekend I LOVE pampering myself at home. Taking a bath with Sao Eucalyptus Bathbombs is a way to emulate this experience for me. These bath bombs are filled with epsom salts which help soothe and relax muscles. Once these bath treats hit the warm water my senses are heightened with notes of calming eucalyptus. The subtle scent quickly fills up the room and lingers throughout my house! My favorite perk about these is that they are derived from natural ingredients and are free of dyes, which my sensitive skin appreciates!

Restore — My skin can look and feel very dry if I don’t properly moisturize. I notice this happening more in the winter when my body needs extra hydration! I always apply Sao Body Butter after my baths. My skin soaks up the rich shea butter based formula quickly! The scent alone always has me wanting to apply more and more! Layer after layer the hints of vanilla and jasmine start peaking through, the smell is unique and delicious!



Re-energerize — Grabbing my favorite book and lighting a Sao Dream Candle is a must before bed. It is my go to nighttime candle because of how relaxing it is! This beeswax and coconut oil based candle has a mixture of maracuja and chamomile oil. Both which are great for helping aid a good nights rest!


Who knew in just a few steps I could feel so refreshed?
Let us know how you recharge, restore and re-energize! We look forward to
hearing more about you and your routine!

– Madeline