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New Year, New Me

Whenever I hear the phrase “New Year, New Me” I can’t help but playfully chuckle to myself. I always say I’ll commit to my resolutions, somehow that idea fades out of my mind after a few weeks.

However what WOULD happen if I actually achieved my goals I set? Will my nighttime hunger cravings really subside due to self-discipline? Will I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and have energy without needing a double shot of espresso to keep me awake?

Now you may be wondering more about the changes I have in store for myself. Take a peek below at my top 3 resolutions!

  • Practice self-discipline. From snacking healthier to managing my expenses better I could add more productive habits to my lifestyle. If I cut my monthly coffee budget in half I can easily buy that ceramic planter I’ve been eyeing for months in no time! I just need to remind myself that while not every craving or habit is bad, moderation is key.
  • Give back to others. I don’t know how it’s happened but I have accumulated quite a collection of clothes, handbags, shoes… the list goes on! While I do love variety, realistically I don’t touch half of what’s in my closet. Sure I do love wearing boots but do I really need every hue of brown in my closet when I only rotate between 2-3 pairs? The answer is simple. I will be so much happier giving my items to others who can appreciate them rather than having them pile up.
  • Be more mindful and health conscious. I have extremely sensitive skin. I have to be very careful about what goes onto my skin or I will get a contact rash. (My aloe vera plant is a lifesaver for rashes!) I always have to check ingredients before applying products to my body. Though I keep a tight eye on skincare ingredients I loosely follow what foods are part of my diet.

Days I eat healthier I have noticeably more energy, days I sneak in more gluttonous foods I feel bogged down.  The older I am getting the more health conscious I am looking to become. Beauty starts from within and what you put into your body reflects your outward glow. Remember to Love Yourself!

I thought this would be an interesting way to vision my personal goals and note the progress as the months go on. ☺

I hope to hear what you are looking to accomplish, short and long term! ☺

Be sure to check back next week on how to realign, restore, and recharge your well being as the New Year rolls forward!

– Madeline