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Healthy Nail Care

A place where we can all pamper our hardworking fingers and toes. Who doesn’t love the nail
salon? Visiting the salon is my favorite way to treat myself during the summertime after a long
week. I tend to fit as many activities in my schedule when it gets warmer out, including my new
Yoga teacher lessons! (Stay tuned for more information in a later post!)

Even though we love salons and their treatments offered to us, we often overlook some
important red flags. Now I bet you’re reading this and thinking “what type of red flags? I only
come to salons for rest and relaxation. Oh and to add some pretty pigments added to my nails.
Can you explain this a little more?”

Well I want to keep this short and simple. There have been times where I have accompanied my
sister to salons and something did not feel right. From finding a nail polish color I really loved,
only to see it was expired and full of ingredients I never heard of. To waiting for a mani and
observing unsanitary conditions. Did I turn around and walk away? Of course not. I did not
realize the importance of my own health and that I could be opening the door for bacteria to
breed and infections to manifest.

When did I start becoming more conscious of ingredients and sanitary working conditions?
Once I started making more health conscious lifestyle changes. From switching to all natural
skincare products to home cooking with vegan recipes I now carefully keep track of what goes in
and on my body. Regarding nail polishes I try avoiding ingredients like camphor, DHP,
formaldehyde, and toluene.

Fun fact: (I didn’t start to develop a formaldehyde allergy until a few years ago when my
eyelash glue made my right eye swollen shut! Once I found formaldehyde lingering in some
nail polish brands I started becoming even more concerned that I really should pay closer
attention to what these ingredients ARE doing to my body!)


That said we must love and care for ourselves inside out, so it is ALWAYS okay to be picky as to
where you choose to get your nails done.

Here are a few recommendations I have next time you visit your favorite salon or want to try a
new one!

– Try to find nail products that work with water bases and natural mineral pigments. These
ingredient conscious products will make sure your tootsies are as safe as can be!

– Consider investing in your own tool kit which you are able to sanitize on your own and are
able to bring with you on each visit. Same goes for the nail polish itself! Keep in mind the
bottles in the salon are shared amongst customers. If someone with fungus uses a bottle of
polish, the next person could possibly become infected as well. I keep a topcoat and may have
color polish in my cosmetics kit at all times.

Be careful when you cut your own cuticles (skin around your nails) because even if you bring
your own sterilized tools, mani/pedi related infections can result from trimmed cuticles.
Cuticles actually help to prevent germs from entering into our bodies through the cuticle area.
Opt to have them pushed back with an orange wood stick instead.

– For Pedicures: You should check if the basin has been cleaned prior to your use. You could
consider asking for a disposable plastic liner to be placed into the basin prior to submerging
your feet in the water. Abrasive procedures to remove dead skin and calluses can actually
weaken the skin barrier making you more prone to infections. You may try using a moisturizing
natural skin Sao body lotion and taking baths instead of showers which may help to moisturize
your calluses to decrease the cracks and abrasions.

– If something does not feel right at your next salon visit don’t hesitate to politely excuse
yourself and walk away. I have learned that when it comes to my health, it is okay to have high
standards! We only have one body and need to take care of it in as many aspects we can.

– Lastly, have fun! :). Your health is just as important to us!
It’s why we love sharing our natural journey with you all! – And learning from you!
See you next week!