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Earth Day

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22, 2018. At Sao, we believe Earth Day is 365 days a year. We all
have an impact on this planet that we live on. It up to you to decide if you choose to have a
positive impact or a negative impact. We feel it is important to limit the footprint we leave
behind, so we developed these 5 guiding principles to abide by:

All of our products are derived from natural plants and oils…
1.We select raw materials from renewable natural resources that are abundantly available.
2. We minimize the amount of energy to extract, process, or make ingredients.
3. We avoid substances that are toxic to our customers and the environment.
4. We choose products that will normally biodegrade in nature.
5. We keep production simple and low tech.
It was important to us to not only make chemical and artificial additive free products for
humankind, but also our planet.


We often overlook or take for granted all the wonderful things that nature provides us with on
a daily basis. I encourage you to plant a tree this weekend, invite your friends to do the same,
help make Earths’ life longer! As a consumer you can give back to nature each and every day,
but choosing to purchase products from brands that are eco-friendly and use naturally
sustainable ingredients. Next time you are shopping for products, be mindful of what you are
putting your dollar towards.


Check out and for more information on how you can get
involved with saving our planet!