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5 Tips to Hair Care Made Simple

Over the years, I have considered myself to be a sort of human guinea pig. I’m always eager and all too happy to try the latest and greatest fad to hit the beauty market. I go into each experiment with the best of intentions…but seem to always have Frankenstein results. Eyebrow tinting led to me looking like one of the Angry Birds characters. Eyelash extensions led to a terrible eye infection. A contouring kit left me looking less like the Kardashians and more like a clown. Spray tans made me more orange than the Oompa Loompas. UV teeth whitening forced me into an ice cream eating hiatus.
The horror! Hair extensions…. a hot mess…which brings me to the point of this blog post.


It seems everywhere you look, you are able to find someone who has hair extensions (clip ins, tapes, bonds, etc.). The choice was sheer impulse. I was at my hair salon for a routine appointment and saw a woman getting her extensions done. The results were natural, Barbie- esque. So, I said sign me up! The following week I sealed my fate and walked out of the salon with 23in of someone else’s hair fused to my own. Little did I know, I had embarked on an expensive 3-month journey.
Truth is, I learned very quickly, hair extensions are just not my thing.


When I was finally able to have my extensions removed, I was really concerned about the potential damage done to my natural hair. Fortunately, I experienced minimal breakage/damages. But that experience brought me to a point in my life where I did a little self-assessment. All of these procedures and treatments were only causing me problems. My natural self was the best beauty product I could hope for, and it was time I listened to that.



That is when I began my journey of switching over to natural skincare and body products. Sao’s all natural shampoo is the exact TLC my hair needed post-extensions. It lathers into a nice foam, gently cleanses, and doesn’t strip the scalp and hair of its much-needed natural oils.


My 5 simple tips for getting back your healthy hair:

1. Be Patient. Hair growth takes time!

2. Get dirty. Washing hair excessively strips the scalp of natural oils which help it grow.

3. Avoid using heat on your hair. If you have the time, allow your hair to air dry and avoid the use of flatirons. If you have to utilize heat tools, try turning them on a lower temperature setting.

4. Have a healthy diet. A vitamin and mineral packed diet, plus lots of water, can aide in healthy hair growth!

5. Throw out your old shampoo and buy Sao’s all-natural Shampoo!