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Okay so maybe it’s not a real word, but it does describe my obsession for fragrances.

Choosing a signature scent can be a very personal experience. The fun thing about fragrances, is that the same perfume will smell differently on each unique wearer due to our individual body chemistry.

I have a fragrance for EVERYTHING…to go to the gym, daytime wear, out to dinner, etc. I currently have 20 in rotation! Sao’s Pantanal perfume is one of my favorites at the moment. It has as fresh, clean aromatic fragrance that is extremely versatile.


Sao’s perfumes are made of isopropyl alcohol, aqua, a blend of essential oils and food grade polysorbate 80 (to mix the essential oils and water because we all know that oils and water don’t mix well). The essential oils used are native to the regions associated with the name of each scent. For example, our Pantanal perfume (which is my current “obscentssion”) is a combination of floral scents found in the Pantanal region of Brazil.


Every time I spray Pantanal, I am immediately whisked back to memories of my travels in

Our sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. The olfactory bulb has direct connections to the amygdala and the hippocampus; two areas of the brain which directly correlate to emotion and memory. This connection between our sense of smell and memory makes fragrances that much more intriguing. The ability to conjure up wistful memories, nostalgic feelings, and evoke moods.


Take your own personal journey to Jaipur, Marseille, the Nile, and Brazil with our fragrance

Trust me, it’s a lot less expensive than paying for the airfare!