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5 Tips to Hair Care Made Simple

Over the years, I have considered myself to be a sort of human guinea pig. I’m always eager and all too happy to try the latest and greatest fad to hit the beauty market. I go into each experiment with the best of intentions…but seem to always have Frankenstein results. Eyebrow tinting led to me…

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Okay so maybe it’s not a real word, but it does describe my obsession for fragrances. Choosing a signature scent can be a very personal experience. The fun thing about fragrances, is that the same perfume will smell differently on each unique wearer due to our individual body chemistry. I have a fragrance for EVERYTHING…to…

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5 Simple Goals for a Happy, Healthy Year Ahead

I always look forward to the start of each new year. To me, it signifies a fresh start for everyone. The opportunity to hit the reset button no matter where you are in your journey of life. It is a time of reflection, a time to look inward and take an inventory of who we…

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