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Why I Switched To A Natural Skincare Routine…

I’m embarrassed to admit it has taken me so long to transition to an all-natural skincare
regimen. For years I have scrutinized labels and put a lot of consideration into what I put IN my
body, but rarely did I stop and consider what I was putting ON my body. My rule of thumb was
always, “if I can’t pronounce it, I shouldn’t be eating it”…and now I embrace the same mantra
when it comes to skincare.

We are creatures of habit. I had been purchasing the same antiperspirant, body lotion, body
wash, etc month after month for years. YEARS! Instead of continuing to be a mindless zombie
of a consumer, I decided to educate myself on the ingredients in my existing products…what
are they? Are they adding value to my beauty routine? Are they harmful to me and if so, to
what degree? Ignorance was no longer bliss. Astoundingly, all of my labels included these
words: carcinogens, parabens, sulfates, phthalates. With “synthetic this” and “synthetic that”
dashed in for good measure. And I was putting this chemical concoction on my skin, our body’s
largest organ system, multiple times a day.

*Puts products in the trash immediately*

My choice to eliminate these kinds of products from my routine benefits not only me, my
health, others, but also our environment. That’s why I have become such a fan of Sao products.
Everything is handmade domestically using fresh, natural ingredients that I can pronounce!
There is a strong focus on being environmentally conscious, using renewable natural resources
and simple, low tech production. Of course all Sao products are cruelty free.

My current must-haves:
Firming & Detoxifying Face Mask (I recharge my skin with this mask one a week)
Shaving Lotion (will never touch an aerosol can again)
Fresh Scent Deodorant (hot yoga tested and approved)
Body Butter (yummy scent and ultra moisturizing especially during winter months)
Pantanal Perfume (light fresh fragrance that I’ve received numerous compliments on)

This holiday I plan to give the gift of Sao to my loved ones too! Our shampoo varieties and
massage bar sets make the perfect gift for the beauty lover on your list. Maybe that’ll help
convince them to ditch their current products and make the mindful switch to a healthier
beauty routine too!